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Little Shop of Horrors:

"Andrew Saundry is also in fine form as the hapless Seymour, ably showing the character's put-upon, but sometimes noble character" ~ Mark Dreisonstok, The Prince George's Sentinel

"As Seymour Krelborn, Andrew Saundry is endearing and earnest" ~ Cybele Pomeroy, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Andrew Saundry's Seymour was sweet and bumbling even as he grew further into the grips of the alien plant, becoming more and more tormented with each compromise." ~ Randuwa2, Randuwa II

"The role of the main character, Seymour, was perfectly played by Andrew Saundry. He was awkward and weird with a nasally voice — spot on for his nerdy character." ~ Audrey Decker, The Diamondback

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