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What is the MCDCC?


The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (or MCDCC) is the governing body of the local Democratic Party in Maryland's largest and most diverse county. We represent Democrats in and beyond election years, working with the Precinct Organization to determine official party positions on local issues and provide an accessible and equitable platform for our voters to connect with their elected officials and learn about local politics.

Crucially, the MCDCC also nominates Democrats to fill vacancies in the Maryland General Assembly whenever a Democratic vacancy arises in Montgomery County between election cycles. Approximately 40% of the General Assembly was first appointed to their seat, making this a very powerful tool of the Central Committee. Although Andrew believes that this power should rest with the residents of a District and not with the Central Committee, he recognizes that only the General Assembly has the power to make this structural change and he pledges to use this power to create a pipeline for progressive candidates who reflect the communities they seek to represent.


The MCDCC is composed of 24 members, 2 members from each of the 8 and 1/2 districts in Montgomery County, plus 8 at-large members. The Central Committee is divided evenly by gender as no two members from any one district and no more than 4 at-large members may be of the same gender. This requirement ensures that our party is reflective of the voters it represents. Andrew is an at-large member residing in District 15.

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