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Building a Party that Serves You

It is time for the Democratic Party to reclaim the mantle of the party for working people. If we want to win and have a durable and engaged base, we need to ensure that we address the concerns and reflect the values of our voters -- not just in words, but in actions. We must:

  • Strengthen our relationships with organized labor

  • Volunteer regularly in our communities, providing food and aid to all those in need


Listening to Everyone

As a Party, we often cede young and working class voters to apathy and rural communities to the GOP, but if we want to win real governing coalitions, we must go everywhere and listen to everyone. In Montgomery County that means:


  • Having a consistent presence at the annual Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and other community events

  • Foster the growth of Democratic Clubs in High Schools and Community Colleges to inspire a generation of party activists

  • Continue and expand our off-season listening tours

Increasing Engagement

The most crucial component of building a durable and engaged base is finding ways for all of our members to get involved with their Party. As an At-Large Member of the MCDCC, I will:

  • Expand our voter registration efforts for young people in and out of school

  • Push for annual mailers to all Democrats that let our voters know who their state and local officials are and how they can get in touch with them

  • Empower student members of the Central Committee through mentorship and consultation on essential Party decisions


Building a Pipeline to Progress

One of the most essential things that this Central Committee can do is create a pathway to power for those who have so often been denied true representation in Government. Together, we can build a pipeline for young, diverse, progressive Democrats to get engaged in party politics and eventually run for office. We can do this by:

  • Strengthening Clubs that represent the core constituencies of the Democratic electorate

  • Actively recruiting young and diverse precinct officials, a starting point for many who go on to be party leaders and elected officials

  • Providing a platform for underserved and underrepresented communities to connect with their elected leaders and speak out on the issues impacting them

  • Nominating progressive candidates who reflect their communities to vacancies in the Maryland General Assembly

  • Making the nominating process for candidates to vacancies in the General Assembly more democratic and representative

Electing Democrats

The core function of any party is to advance its agenda. In order to advance the Democratic Agenda, we must:

  • Continue and expand our (aforementioned) off-season listening tours to every part of Montgomery County

  • Ensure that we have volunteers at every polling place to offer insight into the Democratic positions on local issues

  • Support out-of-state Democrats running in crucial swing districts

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