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Legislative Priorities

One of the most essential statutory duties of the Central Committee is nominating candidates to fill vacancies in the Maryland General Assembly. When considering any candidate for the General Assembly, Andrew will consider character, leadership skills, how representative one is of the district that they seek to represent, and their policy positions on a variety of issues. Andrew recognizes that uniformity of opinion is neither possible nor desirable, but he will prioritize voting for candidates who share his progressive vision for the state of Maryland and the relevant district.


These are some of Andrew's Legislative Priorities:

a Green New Deal for Maryland
Workers Rights and Economic Justice
Democratic Reform
Public Safety and Gun Law Reform
Uplifting and Empowering Marginalized Communities
Universal Healthcare
Creating Jobs and Wealth
Safe and Reliable Transit Options
Affordable Housing
Reproductive Rights
Criminal Justice Reform
Fixing our Broken Bureaucracy
Equal Access (for disabilities)
Racial Justice
Ending Homelessness, Hunger, and Poverty
Improving the Standard of Living
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